Chiropractic Care Demystified By Dr. Manfred Alkhas

Getting Chiropractic Care - What You Need To Know

Even though the chiropractic discipline has been around for over a hundred years, I get people coming into my office on a daily basis who aren't certain what it is that I do. It's not exactly surprising. There are people out there who will claim that a chiropractor can cure all manner of ills, anything from headaches to digestion problems. It's unfortunate that such a useful discipline has become so bogged down with misinformation, because there really are a number of problems that can be cured or alleviated by a visit to a chiropractor.

What Is Chiropractic?

In order to understand what a chiropractor does, and does not do, it's important to understand what the entire practice of chiropractic actually is. A chiropractor is a medical professional who is skilled at the adjustment of the skeletal system, and how that affects the central nervous system, as well as the muscular system. In layman's terms, we chiropractors adjust the alignment of your bones and make you feel better.

How, precisely, does that work? The skeletal system is the foundation upon which the body is built. The central nervous system is wrapped in and through the skeletal system, the muscular system is built upon the skeletal system, essentially, the skeletal system is the human body. Yet even though we like to think of the skeletal system as one entire thing, the real truth is that it's 206 interconnected pieces. And sometimes, the pieces are only interconnected in theory.

Occasionally, bones simply get a little bit out of alignment. This isn't quite the same as a joint becoming dislocated, although a dislocation can certainly lead to the types of problems a chiropractor can solve. Instead, it's simply that bones manage to become slightly out of place. Not enough to cause immediate pain, but enough to cause other problems.

A Practical Example

A common example of misaligned bones causing problems is with the muscles in the back. When segments of the human spine slide a touch out of place, it can cause various muscles to bunch up around it. The muscles bunching up can cause pain. And while it might be possible to go to a massage therapist in order to work the muscles back into place, it won't be long before the muscles get bunched up again, because the core problem is that the spine is out of alignment.

Muscle soreness isn't the only kind of problem misaligned bones can cause. Because the spinal cord is the basis of the entire central nervous system, having a vertebrae out of alignment can cause shooting pains through your arms or legs, or headaches. Thus, having a chiropractor make sure your bones are in alignment can keep your body moving in a pain free way.

Sometimes, however, the patient requires a little more than a simple spinal adjustment. Quite often, a spinal adjustment will cure the problems a patient has, but not always. When there is pain that still lingers, chiropractors will take x-rays and attempt to diagnose the problems in that manner. We can adjust a number of bones, but that doesn't mean we want to start bending bones around without being able to identify exactly what bones to bend, after all!

Positive Side Effects

Due to the fact that spinal adjustments can also adjust the spinal cord and other connecting nerves, many people feel better in a number of ways after getting an adjustment. This is why people will sometimes claim that going to a chiropractor will cure your head cold, or help your digestion. While I won't say that it's impossible for adjustments to help that sort of thing, I will say that it's more often a side effect than a direct effect.

Hopefully, you have a better idea of what a chiropractor actually does. It can help avoid a great deal of misinformation by just doing a little research. So if you've been feeling sharp, lingering pain through your shoulder area, or headaches that you can't seem to cure in any other way, you may want to get to your local chiropractor. It's not a certainty that it will help, but it's exactly the kind of thing that a chiropractor can help you take care of. And that can be worth your time, effort, and money.


Dr. Manfred Alkhas has been a Doctor of Chiropractic in since 1990. He's the Founder and primary treatment doctor at Good Life Chiropractic in Campbell, CA. He's an injury specialist who attends to sudden, acute traumas, as well as slow onset, chronic injuries. He speaks on the subject of chiropractic, and he's assisted other chiropractors as they started their businesses. His formal education includes graduating from Palmer West-Chiropractic College in 1990, as well as earning a Master of Divinity degree (with honors) from Western Theological Seminary in 2006. Dr. Manfred is active on the Internet, and he encourages you to connect with him on LinkedIn (connect here, (read about him here, (read his resume here, Angie's List (check him out here, Tumblr (discuss with him here, HealthGrades (check out here, and WordPress (read articles here