Operative Dentistry:

Deals with the treatment of DECAY TEETH. Recent advances in this speciality are filling materials called LIGHT CURES which set within seconds.


When teeth are badly decayed and are not fit for ordinary filling we go for ENDODONTIC ROOT CANAL treatment.


People with poor oral hygeine have problems like BLEEDING GUMS, BAD BREATH, etc., are effectively treated by ULTRASONIC SCALERS.

Oral Surgery:

The most important branch deals with a variety of procedures ranging from common TOOTH-EXTRACTION to complicated ORO-MAXILLO-FACIAL SURGERIES.


Deals with the replacement of ORAL & MAXILLO-FACIAL tissues(i,e. commonly used REMOVABLE DENTURES to complicated implants.)


The most sought-after branch which can the appearance of people(like correcting CROOKED TEETH) thus building self-confidence.


Involves not just treating KIDS but also understanding psychology and thus explain the dental problems to their level of understanding.

Geriatric Dentistry:

This branch attains importance as dental problems increase and much importance is not given to dental care with age.