ONLINE Digital Records

Dr.Mallena's Dental Hospitals now maintain our client's digital records online. This is one of the very recent initiatives towards digitalising our clients records for preserving their records for a very long period and to have the records secure.

What is a Digital record ?
A digital record is a small unique test record of a given subjects dentition based on Dr.Mallena's Dental Index, generated on clinical examination collaborated with a Digital Full mouth OPG, that would be cross referenced with the subjects individual unique digital record.

Process ?
People who visit us can avail this service for free upon consultation.
  • The subjects have to get complete oral examination and then get a full mouth OPG record obtained.
  • The data from both the records will be collaborated using our DRISTHI System to generate DEDP (Dr.Mallena's Electronic Dental Prints) which will be stored in our online database.
  • The DEDP record is then SMSed to the subject for their records. 
  • Have simple record that can be preserved over a period of time
  • Have the full digital record for complete record and along with a small DEDP that can be stored in a simple SMS message.
  • Help in monitoring the progress of a dental condition by retrieving the digital record.
  • Help in forensic identification of the subjects.

The DRISTHI System:
This is a innovative concept and brain child of Dr.Mallena aimed at having a unique and cost effective dental record for the general public, with minimal support from the Federal Government.
In a developing nation like India, there are a lot of priorities for the Federal Government, and health care gets only a minimal representation in the State Budget.
Hence the system of having public Dental records should be independent of the funding from any state agencies and should be self sustainable.
With this aim the DRISTHI System has evolved.
D  Dental
R  Record
I   Information
S  System
T  Towards
H  Healthy
I    India