Evolutionary genetics and marine biology
Postdoctoral Fellow TAAF | MNHN
Paris, France

Graduated from the University Pierre & Marie Curie of Paris with a Msc in Oceanography and Marine biology (2006), I did my PhD at the MNHN on the Evolutionary Systematic and Molecular Ecology of the Deep-Sea Benthic gastropods living on New Caledonian Seamounts. 

After my PhD (2010), I worked for two years as a Professor Assistant on the Macroevolution of the Venom Apparatus in auger snails, and the Phylogeography and Evolutionnary History of freshwater organisms with amphidromous Life Cycles. 

The last past four years (2012-2015), I worked for Fisheries and Oceans Canada, at the Pacific Biological Station of Nanaimo, documenting Species Diversity and Community Dynamics of littoral gastropods and crabs of British Columbia. I am now working for the French Southern and Antarctic Lands on the Deep-Sea benthic fauna of Mozambique Channel to provide insights on the Distribution and Connectivity of Species and facilitate Management Decisions.