Potential PhD projects

I am only interested in PhD proposals which rely heavily on quantitative research methods, in the broad areas of:

Consumer behaviour and social marketing

Within these two areas the following subtopics are of particular interest to me
  • Consumer decision-making, particularly applying and extending the Theory of Planned Behaviour and exploring mediators or moderators in addressing the intention-behaviour gap
  • Tobacco control, particularly decisions to switch from regular to e-cigarettes, the marketing of e-cigarettes, the relationship between place and tobacco consumption, brand stretching
  • Information processing, in relation to warning labels, health information or social marketing campaigns
More specifically, the following topics would be suitable for PhD study and I would encourage potential PhD students who wish to apply to Bangor University for a PhD in the Marketing area to write a research proposal based on these topics.  Click to find out more about Bangor Business School PhD programme.
Consumer behaviour
  1. The influence of multilingual packaging on consumers information processing and perceived value of the product
  2. The applicability and usefulness of place attachment theory in understanding consumers' shopping behaviour regarding the local high street versus the internet
  3. Examining the role of impulse in the theory of planned behaviour
  4. The maximization paradox
  5. Examining factors that predict susceptibility to scams targeting vulnerable consumers
Social Marketing from a consumer perspective
  1. Understanding the role played by brand-stretching in promoting an image of smoking
  2. The potential efficacy of alcohol warning labels in facilitating keeping to government guideline daily drinking limits
  3. The role of self and social identities in explaining quitting or not quitting by smokers
  4. The influence of e-cigarette advertising on smoking behaviour