Current research themes and interests

My research interests lie in the consumer research field and in particular using theories from consumer psychology to understand issues regarding consumer protection, risky consumption choices and sustainable behaviours.  Often my research is cross-national and examines the role of culture in facilitating or inhibiting risky consumption choices.  I have a particular interest in and have undertaken a number of studies exploring smoking-related beliefs and behaviours across Europe.

I have recently edited four special issues in the area of consumer behaviour and communications.  The first issue entitled "Challenges to Attitude and Behaviour Change Through Persuasion" the second "New Advances in Attitude and Behavioural Decision-Making Models" the third "Cross-cultural and cross-national consumer research: Psychology, Behavior, and Beyond" and the fourth "Communicating Messages about Drinking" fit well in my area of interest and expertise.

Alcohol warning labels
I recently completed a British Academy grant to investigate the effectiveness of alcohol warning labels.  You can find out more details at the project website.