Academic background

I'm currently a Professor at Bangor Business School, Bangor University in North Wales, UK.

I have a background in statistics (UG 1st class Hons in Applied Statistics) and statistical modelling (PhD, in 2004). Since my undergraduate studies, I have focused on applying my statistical knowledge within the consumer psychology and social marketing areas.

I have held academic positions at the following UK universities: University of Strathclyde, University of Stirling, University of St Andrews, Heriot-Watt University and Lancaster University.  I have over 15 years of teaching and research experience in the consumer psychology and marketing area.

I'm particularly interested in research which is focused on consumer protection and on understanding risky consumption behaviours such as smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, gambling and unhealthy eating.  I have also undertaken a number of studies exploring sustainable consumption choices. In particular exploring consumer decision-making regarding fairly traded products, sustainable clothing/apparel and organic and free-range products.  Within the health area my research is predominantly focused on factors that facilitate decisions to quit smoking.

From a theoretical perspective my studies are grounded in literature within the area of attitudes and social cognition.  Much of my work explores the field using a quantitative research approach based on cross-national samples of consumers. Further, my research aims to make a contribution within the literature on either persuasion and information processing or factors that influence and interfere with attitude and motivation formation/change as well as behavioural intentions/enactment.

I am currently serving on the editorial review board of the Journal of Business Research. I am a co-investigator of the international tobacco control evaluation project .

One of my recent projects examines reactions to pictorial alcohol warning labels - see project information here: and a blog related to my systematic review on alcohol warning label effectiveness here

My google citations can be found here and my researchgate profile which contains a large number of free fulltext post-prints is available here.