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I am a Lecturer in Pre-modern Japanese studies at the University of Cambridge (Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies). I am also a Fellow at Emmanuel College and Director of Studies for Asian and Middle Eastern Studies therein


I work on early-modern (Edo-period) Japanese popular literature. I teach classical Japanese and Japanese at undergraduate level. I supervise MPhil students and PhD students who work on Edo-period literature, book history and visual culture. I am also interested in supervising, both at undergraduate and at graduate level, students who focus on aspects of Japanese contemporary popular culture and are interested in exploring their cultural origins back in pre-modern Japan. 

I welcome queries about studying Japanese at Cambridge. Please contact me at:


Dr Laura Moretti

University of Cambridge - Faculty of Asian & Middle Eastern Studies 
Sidgwick AvenueLecturer in Early-modern Japanese Studies
Cambridge CB3 9DA (UK)


Emmanuel College
Director of Studies - Asian & Middle Eastern Studies
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