Registration and Reservation Form

Registration and Reservation Form For TJC’s Travel/Study Projects in Greece

Please PRINT this form and mail the completed information to the following address:

Dr. M. Khosrowshahi, Project Director
213 OHPE Building
Tyler Junior College
1400 E. Fifth Street
Tyler, Texas 75701.

For additional information please email: and/or call: 903-510-2279  or visit our website: Visit Greece with TJC


Please select one (Required field):

  • ___10-Days: March 9-18, 2018 ($1,890 plus the airfare) 
    ___11-Days: March 9-19, 2018 ($1,970 plus the airfare) 
  • ___12-Days: March 8-19, 2018 ($1,970 plus the airfare) (one-night free stay in Athens)

  A deposit of $490 is required at the time of enrollment. 

NAME (Exactly as appears on the passport):





City ____________________ State ____________ Zip _____________

Phone (H)_____________________________________

Phone (W)_____________________________________

Phone (C) _____________________________________


SS#  (optional)__________________________________

Birth Date______________________________________

Gender: M / F

I would like to stay in a Double Bed Room with (if any) __________________________

I prefer to stay in a Single Room: Yes __  No __

Please include an additional applicable fee for single occupancy. Single room requests are subject to availability.

I would like to extend my stay in Greece and/or Turkey beyond this trip YES _____     NO ______


If yes, please give the departure and return dates ______________________________

I plan to fly ___________________ airport, please name your departing

city____________________ and state__________________________.

Special diet: Please explain. Vegetarian___,  Lactose Intolerant____, other_____

Payment may be made by cash, check, debit or credit card. 

(  ) Enclosed is a deposit check payable to Tyler Junior College for the amount of


(  ) For the debit or credit card (Discover, Visa or MasterCard only) payment, you may call TJC’s Cashier office at 903-510-3192 and give your payment and card information. The Greece account number is 3665.  Or you may personally appear at the TJC’s cashier office and make the payment by the credit card or cash.

Please do not write your credit card information anywhere here.

  Please send me a copy of the first two pages of your passport at your immediate convenience.