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                   Ian                                      Jim                                  Teresa                               Nigel     
Monkey Business  - rock covers band

We're a "brand new" Rock Covers band from the Leicestershire area, playing classic Rock, R'n'B and other stuff from the 60's to the Noughties with a lot of punch , a touch of sass and with a certain amount of Style!
Monkey Business are: 
  • Ian Abbott: Drums/Vocals & Backing Vocals (Previous bands: TBA & Medicine Men,  Dr K's Gastric Band)
  • Jim Coley: Guitar/Vocals/Harmonica ( Previous bands: Smokestack, Out of the Woodwork, Legend, No Quarter, Wreckless Venture, Dr K's Gastric Band) 
  • Teresa Smith:Bass Guitar/Backing vocals (Previous bands: No Quarter, TBA)
  • Nigel Beck: lead Guitar/Vocals (Previous bands: Ink  & TBA) 

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