Social and Cultural Geographies of Sea Space

Welcome to Hydro Worlds

I am a social, cultural and political geographer and this website charts some of my recent research which seeks to move geography beyond its land-bias and out to the open ocean. It also tells you about my wider research interests which are concerned with place, place-making, regulation, mobilities and human-nature relations.
It charts the current Teaching I am involved in, my research Publications, Conference papers, and Media engagement. 
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Water Worlds
My first book, co-edited with Jon Anderson (Cardiff University) is available now:
This book brings together a series of twelve chapters by key authors who are centralising the place of seas and oceans in their research. 
This terrific book examines many elements of watery worlds, both historically and in the present. This is a very good example of how a new area of thinking and research can be brought into being through a carefully edited single book. It deserves a wide readership.’
John Urry, Lancaster University, UK

‘In this smart collection of essays, human geographers and others are (re)introduced to the watery parts of the globe. If human geographers, and social scientists in general, have been largely neglectful of seas and oceans then this is a brilliant corrective which does some of the necessary catching up. Here the sea becomes a space of both control and rebellion, a material entity as well as a space of representation and practice. It sets an inspiring agenda for further research as it goes some way to filling in the blank space of the sea.’ 
Tim Cresswell, Northeastern University, Boston, USA

The Mobilities of Ships

My second book, co-edited with Anyaa Anim-Addo and Will Hasty is available now:

This book turns our attention to the manifold mobilities that occur at sea through an exploration of the mobilities of ships themselves as well as the movements of objects,  subjects and ideas that are mobilised by ships. The Mobilities of Ships brings together seven chapters that tack through unexplored waters and move between diverse case  studies, including pirate ships, naval vessels and luxury yachts. In so doing, The Mobilities of Ships offers a rich insight into the world of shipping mobilities past and present.