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Research Interests

Ecology of Infectious Diseases
Vector Borne Diseases

Population Ecology
Spatio-temporal Modelling
Bayesian Statistics
Missing Data Problems
Finite Mixture Models                                                             
Remote Sensing & GIS                                                       

Curiculum Vitae

A copy of my CV (2012) can be found here.


Bournez, L., Cangi, N., Lancelot, R., Pleydell, D.R.J., Stachurski, F., Bouyer, J., Martinez, D., Lefrancois, T., Neves, L., Pradel J. (2015) Parapatric distribution and sexual competition between two tick species, Amblyomma variegatum and A. hebraeum (Acari, Ixodidae), in Mozambique. Parasites & Vectors8. 

Pioz M, Guis H, Pleydell D.R.J., Gay E, Calavas D, et al. (2014) Did vaccination slow the spread of Bluetongue in France? Did vaccination slow the spread of Bluetongue in France? PLoS ONE 9(1): e85444. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0085444

Pioz, M., Guis, H., Durand, B., Pleydell, D.R.J., Abrial, D., Calavas, D., Lancelot, R., Ducrot, C. (2014). Vitesse de progression du front des deux épizooties de fièvre catarrhale ovine en France en 2007-2008. Bulletin Epidémiologique Santé animale - Alimentation (62), 17-19. 

Marston, C.G., Danson, F.M., Armitage, R.P., Giraudoux, P., Pleydell, D.R.J., Wang, Q., Qui, J.M. and Craig, P.S. (2014) A random forest approach for predicting the presence of Echinococcus multilocularis intermediate host Ochotona spp. presence in relation to landscape characteristics in western China, Applied Geography, 55: 176-183

Jacquot, M, J., Coeurdassier, M., Couval, G., Renaude, R., Pleydell, D.R.J., Truchetet, D., Raoul, F. & Giraudoux, P. (2013) Using Long-term Monitoring of Red Fox Populations to Assess Changes in Rodent Control practices. Journal of Applied Ecology. DOI: 10.1111/1365-2664.12151

Giraudoux, P., Raoul, F., Pleydell, D.R.J., Li, T.Y., Han, X.M., Qiu, J.M., Xie, Y., Wang, H., Ito, A. & Craig, P.S. (2013) Drivers of Echinococcus multilocularis transmission in China: small mammal diversity, landscape or climate? PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases.  7 (3). e2045.

Pleydell, D.R.J. and Chrétien, S. (2010) Mixtures of GAMs for habitat suitability analysis with overdispersed presence / absence data. Computational Statistics and Data Analysis. 54(5) 1405-1418
(Data and R scripts available here here.)

Wang, Q., Raoul, F,. Budke, C., Craig, P.S., Xiao, Y.F., Vuitton, D.A., Campos-Ponce, M., Qiu, D.C., Pleydell, D.R.J., and Giraudoux, P. (2010) Grass height and transmission ecology of Echinococcus multilocularis in Tibetan communities China. Chinese Medical Journal. 123(1):61-67.

Vaniscotte, A., Pleydell, D.R.J., Raoul, F. et al. (2009) Modelling and spatial discrimination of small mammal assemblages: an example from western Sichuan  (China)Ecological Modelling. 220(9-10), 1218-1231.

Pleydell, D.R.J., Yang, Y.R., Raoul, F. et al. (2008) Landscape composition and spatial prediction of alveolar echinococcosis prevalence in southern Ningxia, China. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases. 2(9). e287.

Raoul, F. Pleydell, D.R.J., Quere, J.P. et al. (2008) Small-mammal assemblage response to deforestation and afforestation in central China. Mammalia. 72(4): 320-332.

Giraudoux, P., Raoul, F., Pleydell, D.R.J., Craig, P.S. (2008) Multidisciplinary studies, systems approaches and eco-epidemiology: something old, something new. Parasite. 15. 469-476.

Giraudoux, P., Pleydell, D.R.J., Raoul, F. et al. (2007) Echinococcus multilocularis: Why are multidisciplinary and multi-scale approaches essential in infectious disease ecology?  Tropical Medicine and Health. 35(4). 293-299.

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Danson, F.M., Craig, P.S., Graham,A., Pleydell, D.R.J. et al. (2003) Multi-scale spatial analysis of human AE risk in China. Parasitology, 127, 133-141.

Other Publications

Pleydell, D.R.J.,  Raoul, F., Vaniscotte, A., Craig, P.S., and Giraudoux, P. (2006) Small-mammal assemblage response to deforestation and afforestation in central China.  Small-mammal assemblage response to deforestation and afforestation in central China. Micromammals and Macroparasites: From Evolutionary Ecology to Management. S. Morand, B.R. Krasnov, R. Poulin (Eds.)

Tolle, F., Pleydell, D.R.J., Combes, B., Cliquet, F., Piarroux, M., Giraudoux, P., Tourneux,F.P. (2005) Identification of environmental risk factors for the presence of Echinococcus multilocularis. 14th European Colloquium on Theoretical and Quantitative Geography. Tomar, Portugal. 9-13 September.

Pleydell, D.R.J., Graham, A., Danson, F.M., Craig, P.S., Raoul, F., Tourneux, F. and Giraudoux, P. (2003) Mapping HAE disease risk using remotely sensed data. Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium, 2003. IGARSS '03. Proceedings. 2003 IEEE International. Vol 5: 3362-3364. ISBN: 0-7803-7929-2

Danson F.M., Craig P.S., Man W., Shi D., Giraudoux P. and Pleydell, D.R.J. (2002) Satellite remote sensing and geographical information systems for risk modelling of alveolar echinococcosis. In ”Cestode zoonoses: an emergent and global problem”. NATO Sciences Series, IOS press, Amsterdam.

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