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Building in Fedora 20

Follow the instructions in the Mantid website to check out the Mantid repository from the GitHub repository and configure some Git options.

Regarding dependencies, Mantid requires an ipython version higher than the available packaged version. Thus we remove the old installed version and install new one with pip  (from stackoverflow )
Remove RPMs of IPython (to avoid collisions):
yum remove python-ipython\*
Install pip:
yum install python
-pip python3-pip

Install additional Python dependencies (it did work for me without these, but I didn't test much, so something might break down without these):
yum install python-jinja2 python-markupsafe
Install IPython:
pip install ipython[all]

Download the spec file to add the mantid repository:
sudo chown root:root mantid-mantid-fedora-20.repo
sudo mv mantid-mantid-fedora-20.repo /etc/yum.repos.d
Install the mantid dependencies:
sudo yum --skip-broken install mantid-developer.noarch
The reason we include --skip-broken is that yum is not aware of the newest installed ipython.