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Establish a remote connection to CAMM (Windows 7 server)

Connecting from a Linux client

For Linux users, download here the RPM to install the application launcher.
  • To install the Launcher in  RedHat/Fedora: sudo yum localinstall camm-session-launcher-1.0-1.noarch
  • To install the Launcher in Debian/Ubuntu:  sudo apt-get install alien; sudo alien -i camm-session-launcher-1.0-1.noarch
In the Gnome3 desktop, type camm in the search field. The CAMM icon will show up:

If you are not a Gnome desktop fan, the RPM will install the rdesktop command line application, if not available in your system. Open a terminal and type:
rdesktop -g 95% -a 16

Connecting from a Windows client

Windows users should open the Remote Desktop Connection application.

The domain is EXTRANET, and the account is your UCAMS or XCAMS account. Click in Show Options if the EXTRANET domain is not the default.

Establish a remote connection to CAMM2 (Fedora 22 server)

In order to login to, we use the x2go client.

1. Install in your machine the x2go client, downloadable here.

2. Open x2go and start to configure a new session:

3. In the session configuration dialog, name your session name as CAMM2, enter as Host, and enter your UCAMS/XCAMS username. In Session type, select LXDE, which is an appropriate desktop environment for remote connections. Then, press OK.

4. You have now a CAMM2 session on the session panels. Congratulations!

5.To start this session, just click on the CAMM session, a dialog requesting your UCAMS/XCAMS password will open. enter the password and press OK.

6. Wait a moment until the remote session is stablished, and then enjoy!