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Eos is a 744-node Cray XC30 cluster with a total of 47.6 TB of memory. The compute nodes are organized in blades. Each blade contains (4) nodes connected to a single Aries interconnect. Every node has (64) GB of DDR3 SDRAM and (2) sockets with (8) physical cores each. Intel’s Hyper-threading (HT) technology allows each physical core to work as two logical cores so each node can functions as if it has (32) cores. Eos uses Cray’s Aries interconnect in a network topology called Dragonfly.

Bath Queue Walltimes as a Function of Number of Nodes

1 node = 16 cores
#Bin Min Nodes Max Nodes Max Walltime (Hours)
# 1    351        700        4.0
# 2    176        350       12.0
# 3      1        176       24.0

Software available for CAMM users in Eos

The hypothecial list of software managed by OLCF IT is here. To make sure a particular application, say cdcat, is available in Eos, type
module avail cdcat

What follows is the list of compiled software under /ccs/proj/mat049/camm/eos/.


castep is a leading code for calculating the properties of materials from first principles.
  • module load castep
  • Sample PBS script