LymeAid 4 Kids Fund- Depleted


November 22, 2016

Just learned the funds for Lyme Aid 4 Kids (National Lyme Disease Association, Inc.) have run out.  It would be so sad if that fund had to be shut down completely after all this time (12 years) because so many children and their parents have benefitted from it.  

BTW- I love an organization (LDA) that uses 97% of its donations for Lyme and TBD related programs. You really can't beat that!  

Here is the link to donate to the Lyme Aid 4 Kids program and/or the LDA for other purposes (research, education, in memory of, etc.)  More information, very interesting information, about the program is below.


The information below is a portion of the National Lyme Disease Association, Inc. most recent newsletter.  (Hope they don’t mind me plagiarizing it.)    

LDA NEWSLETTER-  In 2016, the LDA is one award away from the all-time high awarded in any year since the LymeAid 4 kid grants 2004 inception. 

To date for 2016- $44,000 in grants have been awarded to families, providing monies for children to get diagnosed or help pay for treatment for Lyme & tick-borne diseases (TBD).

The program was developed in conjunction with author Amy Tan, who wanted to ensure that children, who are at the highest risk of acquiring Lyme, could receive early medical care to establish a diagnosis and/or receive treatment. 

Thanks to the generosity of many donors, including children themselves who have done fundraisers for the programa total of $318,000 has been provided for medical care for children with Lyme & TBD.


Unfortunately, funds for the Lyme Aid 4 Kids have run out and LDA will need to curtail giving at the end of 2016 until more monies are collected.  Please help.  

More information on Lyme Aid 4 Kids. 


Again, to make a donation to the Lyme Aid 4 Kids program you can use this online form.  

(Just check LymeAid 4 Kids Fund under "Campaign".  You can use PayPal and/or a Credit Card.)

THANK YOU Berry Berry Much!!!!!

PS. Please help spread the word so we can get this fund built back up again!


Here is a link to the latest LDA newsletter. It is very brief, but very impressive too.  It shows where your donations have gone too. Worth a read!

Here is a link to where you can sign up to get your own LDA newsletters so I don’t have to keep sharing them. (smile) 
They are free and don't come often enough to annoy you.  Annoying you, as you know, is MY job! (And I know how sensitive you are about that.) 


If you shop thru Amazon- they will donate a portion of your payment to the Lyme Disease Association, Inc.

Just go to this link and type in Lyme Disease Association in the box at the bottom right hand side of the screen. They will instruct you further.

And again, thank you!  You all are so wonderful!

Lucy Barnes

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