Superintendent of Emery Unified School District

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"Superintendent Highlights Emery Teachers"

"Teacher and Staff Appreciation Dinner Opening Remarks"

"Dr. Rubio responds to online dishonesty by local blogger"

"Superintendent statement defending teachers and regarding unprofessional adult behavior

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Older 2008 to 2012 Information and videos:

Dr. Rubio was the Supervisor/Director of Educational Technology for San Francisco Unified School District from 2008-2012. Previous to that assignment, he worked as a principal and teacher in San Francisco, Santa Monica, and Los Angeles with Teach for America.

Below are some videos of his work from previous years for SFUSD as both a central office and site leader. 


The best title to describe Dr. Rubio’s previous work was Director of Innovation, Communication, Technology, and System Wide Improvement.


John representing SFUSD in Sacramento and fighting for the release of EETT funds for all California school districts - "Sorry if I sound a little  rough - I was fighting for $70 million to be allocated per specific Federal guidelines."
John initiating and facilitating site-based professional and collegial work on standards with teachers in 2001 - the early days of standards work - John as a young principal
A draft document/classroom observation tool, based on research, other school districts,and John's experience - created by John for the Superintendent of Los Angeles Unified, Ramon Cortines, and all school principals
(See below attachment)
John's $600,000 EETT Competitive 2009-2010 grant award - First time for SFUSD, First try by John :)

John's training of teachers in some of Stephen Covey's work on the meaning of "Responsibility." - * You will notice that John was able to get two school site teachers, including one who loved to "gossip," to create a mock video used for the rest of the same site staff.
John giving students the experience of getting Mother's Day gifts and writing cards to their mothers - Partnership John established with
A look at the level of teacher rapport established by John during a post-conference, and the ability he had based on his established teacher relationship/s to be able to use video as part of the formal observation process
John Rubio,
Jun 29, 2010, 1:23 AM