Click this link to view a sonographic video of live round worms (ascaris lumbricoides) wriggling in the gall bladder. Video courtesy of Dr. Suresh Mohan, India. 

References: NHS Direct - Health encyclopaedia -Roundworm 

Ultrasound video of ascariasis of small bowel:

Click on the link below to view a short sonogaphic video (300KB).


This is a gif file that shows a short ultrasound video recording of an ascaris worm in the small bowel lumen. The patient was a middle aged lady with pain in the right flank. The round worm can be seen as a thin tubular structure, floating within the fluid in the bowel lumen. Some peristaltic activity is also present. This Ultrasound video courtesy of Dr.Anatoli Garkusha, Radiologist, Kiev, Ukraine. He made this video combining the ultrasound images from a convex probe with that from a high frequency linear probe.