blood distending uterus

ultrasound image of hematometrocolpos

sonographic image in imperforate hymen

        This young female patient presented with primary amenorrhoea and abdominal mass. Ultrasound images reveal hypoechoic contents s/o fluid distending the uterus and vagina. Fine particulate debris is seen within the fluid (blood). These findings suggest vaginal outflow obstruction due to imperforate hymen. Nearly 800 ml. of blood was drained during surgery on this patient.

Images courtesy of Dr. Arun Mahajan, Delhi, India.

And here is a nice ultrasound image of hematocolpos:

This shows the vagina distended with hemorrhagic contents. However the uterus does not appear to be involved.

ultrasound image of hematocolpos

 Image courtesy of Dr. Durr E Sabih, Pakistan.


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Prolapsed cervical polyp:

B-mode sonographic image of cervical polypGrey scale image shows the polyp

power doppler image of cervical polypPower doppler shows the vascular nature of the polyp

endometrial polypThe associated endometrial polyp

color doppler image shows feeder vesselsDoppler imaging shows the source of the feeding vessels

This patient is a 45 yr. old woman with c/o prolonged menses. Ultrasound images reveal a large polyp prolapsing through the external cervical os. It appears to be very vascular on color Doppler imaging. There were also associated endometrial polyps on ultrasound imaging. Thus, it is likely that the prolapsed polyp is endometrial in origin. The differential diagnosis includes endocervical polyp and prolapsed submucous myoma. Case and images courtesy of Dr. Allen Worrall, Alaska, USA.