Parotitis (Inflammation of parotid gland):

parotid gland

color doppler image of parotitis

ultrasound image of parotitis

sonography parotitis

ultrasound image of parotitis


This 10 yr. old child had swelling and pain in the right parotid gland for 2 weeks. Ultrasound study shows increased vascularity of the Rt. Parotid gland on color Doppler imaging. B-mode ultrasound images of the gland show patchy hypoechoic lesions in the gland. The right parotid also appears swollen, edematous and had inhomogenous echotexture in these images. The cervical lymph nodes also appear enlarged. Images courtesy of Dr. Jaydeep Gandhi, Mumbai, India.

There is hardly any useful, web-based material on sonography of the salivary salivary glands.

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