Fetus sucking its toe:

 3D image of fetusThis 3-D image courtesy of Dr. Arun Mahajan, India, shows how the fetus starts the day- sucking the toes. It must be pretty cramped in the uterus, for it to do that!

Ultrasound images of hypertrophied clitoris:

ultrasound of fetal genitalia<<Fetal labia seen

prominent fetal clitoris<<Prominent clitoris seen tangentially

  The above ultrasound images show the prominent labial folds and the hypertrophied clitoris in this 37 week old female fetus. Images courtesy of Dr. Martin Horenstein, Argentina.

Fetus caught in the act:

fetal activityFetus catptured swallowing amniotic fluid (seen in color flow)

fetus swallowingColor flow imaging shows fluid entering oral cavity and oropharynx.

ultrasound image of fetal activityInflow of fluid through mouth and regurgitation through the nose.

These color doppler images takes us into the world of the fetus. This fetus was sonographically "photgraphed" in the act of deglutition (swallowing). The fetus is seen swallowing amniotic fluid and some of it is seen expelled via the nasopharynx and out through the nose. Images courtesy of      Dr. Arun Mahajan, Delhi, India.