Achilles Tendonitis:

ultrasound image of tendon

normal Right tendon

long section ultrasound image

calcific lesion in Achilles tendon

 This 54 yr. old man had a history of chronic tendonitis involving the Lt. Achilles tendon. High resolution B-mode ultrasound images show swollen, hypoechoic Lt. Achilles tendon with calcific lesions within it. The normal Rt. Tendon is shown for comparison. Thickness of Lt. tendon = 16 mm. (Normal Rt. Tendon = 4 mm.)

Images courtesy of Mr. Shlomo Gobi, Israel).

Spasm of the rectus abdominis:

ultrasound images spam of rectus abdominis<< Swelling of the right rectus abd. during episode of pain

rectus abdominis spasm

<<Scan images on the next day show normal recti.


This 35 yr. old male patient had h/o abdominal pain for 5 yrs. High resolution ultrasound scan showed a swelling of the belly of the right rectus abdominis, during the episode of pain (see ultrasound images). The ultrasound scan done the next day (when patient was asymptomatic) showed normal appearance of the same rectus abdominis muscle.

These sonographic findings suggest painful spasm of the rectus abdominis, of a transient nature.  Case and images courtesy of Dr. Ravi Kadasne, MD, UAE.


Epigastric hernia:


  The hernia is seen bulging through a defect in the linea alba

    The hernia (arrowheads) is seen a hypoechoic mass anterior to linea alba

    The defect in the linea alba with hernia projecting anteriorly.

          High resolution sonography is very effective and has near 100% sensitivity in diagnosing epigastric hernia. Epigastric hernia occur in the midline along the linea alba. It may contain fat, bowel or rarely, the stomach. They are extremely painful. 

Images courtesy of Shlomo Gobi, Israel.

   References: 1) [Diagnosis and treatment of epigastric hernia. Analysis of our experience]



A foreign body in the finger:

The following ultrasound images using a high frequency probe show a foreign body in the palmar aspect of the 2nd finger. The foreign body appears echogenic and is lodged within the subcutaneous tissue of the finger, just superficial to the tendon. Mild soft tissue edema is also apparent in these images. High resolution ultrasound imaging is very effective in visualizing small foreign bodies including glass, wood and thorns. This can be confirmed by taking an X-ray of the part.

Images courtesy of Shlomo Gobi, Israel. 

Longitudinal section ultrasound image showing the relation to the phalanx.

This image shows a transverse section through the finger.

Longitudinal section showing relation to the tendon.

Xray images showing the radio-opaque foreign body


A foreign body with surrounding abscess:

These are ultrasound images of the abdominal wall of a young child. Ultrasound pictures show a small abscess in the abdominal wall surrounding a sharp thorn-like object. Both transverse and longitudinal section images are shown. Images courtesy of Dr. Vikas Arora, Ferozepur, India.