Liver abscess:

ultrasound image of liver abscess

ultrasound image showing hypoechoic lesion in liver

These ultrasound images of a large liver abscess in a child show a typical hypoechoic collection within a rough/ shaggy walled cavity in the liver.

It is likely that this lesion is due to amebic infection of the liver, a common condition in parts of India. As the disease progresses, sonography of the liver may reveal a fluid-debris layering and even later may cause an almost totally anechoic collection. Case and images courtesy of Dr. Vikas Arora, Ferozepur, India.



Cirrhosis of the liver:

sonographic image of cirrhosis of liver

ultrasound image showing nodular liver surface

This patient shows coarse echotexture of the liver on ultrasound scan. Ultrasound images also show evidence of ascites which helps accentuate the nodular surface of the liver. The portal vein also appears dilated. Images courtesy of Dr. Ravi Kadasne, MD, Radiologist,



Article and images about cirrhosis


Hemangioma of the liver:

ultrasound image of hemangioma of liver

This is the commonest primary tumour of the liver and is usually a solitary lesion. This ultrasound image shows a hyperechoic, homogenous, well-circumscribed mass of the liver. Measuring 1.4 cms., these are typical features of hemangioma of the liver.

Image courtesy of Dr. Ravi Kadasne, MD, UAE.





Case courtesy Shlomo Gobi, sonologist, Israel.

This is an interesting case. The patient had a scan for suspected renal colic. He had a gunshot injury to the liver and right kidney 10 years prior to the ultrasound. The bullet tract is seen well as it crosses the right lobe of liver and outer part of the right kidney. The tract appears echogenic, possibly due to fibrosis (arrowed).

ultrasound image of liver trauma

sonographic image of gunshot injury to liver

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