the lab - AMPL

The AMPL, Applied Metals Processing Laboratory, was founded in 2005 at National Taipei University of Technology by Prof. J.K.Chen. This lab specializes in the integration of metallic materials processing, structure control, and property optimization.

The logo consists of:
+ Atom/microstructure centered concept
+ Application needs
+ Green mind
+ Engineering support
+ AMPLe foundation


KEYWORDS: Metals, Ceramics, Composites, Air Melting and Casting, Vacuum Induction Melting, Arc Melting, Powder metallurgy, Sintering, Vacuum Sintering, Hot Press (HP), Hot Isostatic Press (HIP), Evaporation, Sputtering Thin Film Coating, Bonding, Microstructures, Mechanical, Electrical, Thermal, Corrosion Properties.