Current News, Positions & Background

Dr. Porter is currently appointed as a Full Professor at the City University of New York across various departments and colleges in the CUNY system and a Lecturer on the faculty at Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health in the Environmental Health Sciences Department.  His primary appointment is at the City University of New York's Brooklyn College in the Department of Sociology where he is currently the Director of the Children and Youth Studies Program.  He holds appointments to the doctoral faculty at the City University of New York's Graduate Center in the Sociology, Demography, and Criminal Justice PhD Programs and is also appointed as a Faculty Associate at the CUNY Institute for Demographic Research (CIDR).  The interdisciplinary nature of these appointments is indicative of Dr. Porter's training which includes two graduate degrees and multiple minor/certifications in the areas of Sociology, Statistics, Criminology/Criminal Justice, and Geography (GIS/Spatial Statistics). 

Outside of Academia, Dr. Porter has worked extensively as a statistical consultant for the Urban Institute, the Social Science Research Center, and the Research and Evaluation Center.  In addition, he is a founding co-editor (with Frank M. Howell) of the journal Spatial Demography (Visit Site) and has also assumed the lead editorial position of the Social Science section of the Journal of Maps (  Porter (along with Frank M. Howell) serve as current, and founding, editors of the new Spatial Demography Book Series at Springer Publishers.

Porter's recent research has focused on the development of new spatially-integrated methods for the investigation of a multitude of social processes.  Forthcoming books, Applied Spatial Analysis of Social Data (2017) and Recapturing Space: Middle Range Theories in the Spatial Analysis of Social Data (2016) are Methodological and Theoretical treatments (respectively) of the topic of analyzing social data within a spatial framework.  In 2010, Dr. Porter published Tracking the Mobility of Crime, a book that documents much of his interest in the measurement of Geographic units as containers of crime and the development/implementation of more sophisticated methods for the identification of mobility/diffusion patterns across space.  Associated with this book, his innovative extension and application of spatial clustering statistics in the area of diffusion of criminal behavior earned him an award from the American Statistical Association.  More recently, Porter (along with co-author Frank M. Howell) published the book Geographical Sociology: Theoretical Foundations and Methodological Applications in the Sociology of Location (2012) in an attempt to draw attention to the currently fragmented state of the theoretical foundations of spatial theory and the methodological advancements in spatially-centered research that have occurred in recent decades.  In addition to these books, Dr. Porter has published 70+ peer-reviewed articles and book chapters, all with a primary emphasis on the investigation of social processes and human behavior in ecological context.  His work has appeared in a number of notable peer-reviewed outlets, including Annual Review of Public Health, Social Problems, Social Science Research, Social Science Quarterly, Sociological Forum, Social Indicators Research, Human Development, Applied Spatial Analysis and Social Policy, and many others.

Education and Training

Rice University: Postdoctoral Training (2008-2010)
    *Sociology Dept. with focus in Demography and Applied Statistics

Mississippi State University: PhD in Sociology (2005-2008)
    *Concentration in Demography
    *Dissertation in Criminology/Criminal Justice: entitled The Spatial Demography of Crime:...
    *PhD Minor in Statistics (18 hrs from Mathematics/Statistics Dept.)
    *NCGIA approved Graduate Certification in Geospatial Technologies and Remote Sensing (12 hrs from Geosciences Dept.)

University of Louisville: Mater of Arts in Sociology and Urban Geography (2003-2004)
    *Concentration in GIS studies (Dept. of Geosciences)

University of Louisville: BS in Sociology (1998-2003)