Courses Taught

Courses Taught

Granville County Public Schools
AP Art History
Advanced Digital Photography

NC State University

ECI 513
Videography for Education
3(3-0-0) Fall
Prerequisite: Graduate Standing or consent of instructor
Development and implementation of educational video in a variety of settings. Technical skills in relation to the uses of educational video. Conventions and genres of educational videos; representation; aesthetics; pedagogy; uses of education video within educational contexts and situations

ECI 511
Computer Applications and Curriculum Integration in Instruction
3(3-0-0) Fall
Prerequisite: Graduate Standing
Use and evaluation of existing educational software, research findings with respect to integration of computers and new technologies in instruction.
The emphasis in Course ECI 511 is on the use of existing software and on research findings with respect to the use of computers and new technologies in instruction. Topics include curriculum integration and classroom applications of various technologies.

ECI 514
Multimedia Design and Applications in Instruction
3(3-0-0) Fall
Prerequisite: Graduate Standing
Instructional design principles underlying development of computer-based instructional software and multimedia, and multimedia applications in instructional settings.

ECI 518
Program Planning and Staff Development in Instructional Technology
3(3-0) Spring
Prerequisite: Graduate Standing
In ECI 518 students will study and apply principles related to educational computing and technology planning, facilities and resource management, and technology staff development in instructional settings.

ECI 515
Internet Applications and Web Design for Instruction
3(3-0) Spring
Prerequisite: Graduate Standing
This course is designed to explore the effectiveness of using web pages and the Internet in instruction. Our goal is to explore relevant research dealing with web page design for instruction, Internet use, distance education while developing an instructional web site for use with students or teachers. We will be using Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and Inspiration software as well as shareware and freeware.
Topics include: Internet applications in the classroom, online projects & activities, educational web page design & evaluation, HTML coding, HTML editors, File Transfer Protocol, web based graphics and animation, imagemaps, using forms on the web, video and sound applications on the web, and webquests.

North Carolina Central University

EDIT 5855
Advanced Technology for Educators
Course Prerequisite
EDIT 5832 and/or EDIT 5826 Web page design. This course assumes knowledge of basic technology competencies including knowledge of Windows, word processing, spreadsheets, databases, Internet usage, desktop publishing, and PowerPoint. It has a focus on the NC Advanced Competencies for Educators.
Course Description
This course builds upon the application of basic computer competencies, multimedia and web page development, allowing the student to create and present classroom materials using multimedia, videography and web page design. Other advanced applications for the classroom will be explored.
This has a focus on using technology in the classroom. Additionally it will deal with how to select, use, and evaluate software tools in the classroom in teaching the North Carolina Standard Course of Study. The course follows constructivist principles and models technology use in the classroom.

EDEC 5679
Adaptive Technologies for Special Populations
Course Prerequisite
EDEC 5508 or equivalent. This course assumes knowledge of basic technology competencies. Assistive technology compentencies build upon basic technology knowledge.
Course Description
Advanced course in the prescription, operation, and instructional strategies for current technologies and adaptive devices used by persons with disabilities. In addition to a general coverage of common adaptive technologies, this course provides for individual specialization in disability-specific concentrations.

EDU 2800
Classroom Utilization of Instructional Technologies
Course Prerequisites
Course Description from the current catalog
An application of a broad range of instructional technologies including principles and techniques relating to their selection, utilization and evaluation. (This course meets the computer competency requirements for Educators by the State Board of Education as of March 1996). A copy of these competencies will be made available via the Internet and they are connected to specific class material as specified on page 4 of this syllab

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