Dr. James Clarke Welling  (1825-1894) 
Biographic summary of his life events, leadership roles and publications

1825 Birth, Trenton, New Jersey 
1845 Graduate, Princeton University, AM 
1846 Tutor, Washington Academy, VA
1847 Marriage, Genevieve Garnett, dau. of Elizabeth Bankhead Stuart and Col. Garnett of Ingleside, VA
1847 Graduate, Princeton University, MA 
1849 New Jersey Member, Washington National Monument Society 
1849 Principal, Collegiate School, NYC
1850 Literary editor, National Intelligencer, Washington, D C 
1850 Birth of Daughter, Genevieve 
1851 Death of wife, Genevieve Garnett at Ingleside, VA
1856 National Intelligencer, History of the Monroe Doctrine
1857 Author, North American Review, History of Sacred Latin Poetry of the Middle Ages
1858 National Intelligencer, Monroe Doctrine: Missouri Compromise 
1860 Associate Editor, National Intelligencer, Washington, D C
1860 Assistant clerk, Court of Claims, Washington, D C
1861 Aided as Intermediary for Sec. Henry Seward, President Lincoln and G. Summers during evacuation of Fort Sumter, SC
1862 Received on July 25, Preliminary draft of Lincoln's emancipation proclamation
1862 August 22, Editor, National Intelligencer, published Lincoln-Greeley letter 
1864 Donated Jul 25, 1862 Emancipation Draft  Great Fair, Philadelphia Library Company
1865 Resigned as editor National Intelligencer, with William Seaton
1867 President, St. Johns College, Annapolis, MD 
1868 Graduate, George Washington University, LLD 
1870 Professor Princeton University, of belles lettres 
1871 President George Washington University, Fund. Elements of Intellectual Ed
1874 North American Review, The Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence 
1877 President, Corcoran School of Art visited studios of Europe 
1878 Philosophical Society of Washington, Life of Joseph Henry 
1880 North American Review Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation
1882 Corresponding Member, Connecticut Historical Society, 
1882 Marriage, Miss Clementine L. daughter of Senator Dixon, of Connecticut 
1884 President, Philosophical Society of Washington, 
Chairman of Executive Committee, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC 
1885 Birth, Daughter, Elizabeth Dixon Welling, Washington, DC
1888 New York Historical Society, Land Politics of the United States 
American Anthropologist, The Law of Malthus 
American Philosophical Society, Anomalies of Sound Signals 
President, Historical Society of Washington, DC
Founder, National Geographic Society, Jan 27, 1888 
President, Cosmos Club, Trustee on Deed, 221 Madison Place, Washington, DC
President, The Literary Society of Washington
1889 Magazine of American History, Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence 
1889 American Philosophical Society, Atomic Philosophy, Physical, Metaphysical 
1890 College Association of Middle States, Problems in Higher Education 
1880 New York Historical Society, Connecticut Federalism, 
1891 American Historical AssociationSlavery in the Territories 
1890 Anthropological Society of Washington, Law of Torture. 
American Historical Association States' Rights: Evolution in History 
1893 President, Address George Washington University in Relation to Washington 
1894 President Address, Anthropological Society, The Last Town Election in Pompeii. 
Colleges & Preparatory Schools Association, English in Colleges and Prep Schools 
George Washington University, The Behring Sea Arbitration; The Science of Universal History in its Relations to Physical Sciences 
President American Copyright League, Washington, D.C

1903 Privately Printed: Addresses, Lectures & other Papers, Riverside Press, Cambridge, Mass. by Clementine Dixon Welling