Welcome to Driving Tours of Galveston. This site provides Google Earth placemarks to guide you through the best sites in Galveston. Let Galveston be your museum and these projects be your tour guide. Tours can be downloaded as Google Earth .kmz files or printable .pdf files. Check back periodically for new tours. Here are the projects we have so far:


Best of Galveston Architecture Driving Tour
This project guides you past most of the best designed houses, churches and buildings in Galveston Texas. Galveston was once the 3rd richest city in the nation (per capita), and the result was an incredible collection of architecture. Galvestonians have done a great job preserving our architectural heritage, creating a virtual time capsule of Victorian era architecture. This site highlights some of the best. This driving tour lasts about 60 min, but time varies by how much time you spend at each place. Enter Here.

Lost Oaks of Galveston
Driving Tour

This tour leads you past sculptures carved from dead oak trees in Galveston Texas. You may recall that Hurricane Ike scored a direct hit on Galveston on September 13, 2008. Although Hurricane Ike caused widespread financial catastrophe, the only lasting physical effects of Ike were the loss of the beloved Balinese Room and thousands of dead oak trees. In typical Galveston fashion, the residents of the neighborhood turned lemons into lemonade by turning dead trees into art. This tour lasts about 30 min, but time varies by how much time you spend at each place. Enter Here.


Ghosts of Galveston Driving Tour
This project is still under construction.
Other Galveston-related projects: