In this chapter I will take you step by step on each and every key points on which you must reach the minimum DSA standard for your practical driving test and what are the common problems learner driver's have. I will provide you with tips on how to improve your driving skills and not just for the practical driving test. 

So what is the DSA examiner will be looking for and the typical reasons why learner driver fail! 

Armed with these knowledge and skills you will be successful in passing your DSA practical driving test.

Stage 1

  1.     Cockpit drill
  2.     Move off safely
  3.     Stop normally
  4.     Change gear 1-2-3-4-5-6 - Reverse
  5.     Use clutch control
  6.     Move off at a angle
  7.     Approach junctions to turn left and right
  8.     Approach junctions to emerge left and right
  9.     Move off on a hill - down
  10.     Stop in a emergency
  11.     Approach crossroads

Stage 2

  1.     Use of mirrors and signals effectively
  2.     Reverse in straight line and in angle
  3.     Reverse round the Conner and wide comers
  4.     Turn in the road, parallel parking and bay parking
  5.     Approach mini and main roundabouts
  6.     Keep pace from  traffic and with traffic
  7.     Over taking stationary vehicle and moving vehicle
  8.     Meet traffic and cross traffic
  9.     Dual-carriageways
  10.     Anticipate other traffic

Stage 3

  1.     Drive on direction only
  2.     Drive independently
  3.     Assess risk accurately
  4.     Use visual search skills
  5.     Show me tell - car maintenance check

Stage 4

  1.     Practical driving mock test
  2.     Final practical driving mock test
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