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Drive Yourself Sane: Using the Uncommon Sense of General Semantics 

New Third Edition      

"Drive Yourself Sane applies Korzybski's brilliant general semantics philosophy to its readers' everyday lives and shows them how to live more sanely."                                                                                                             from the Foreword by Albert Ellis, Ph.D., psychologist

"Very dear Susan and Bruce...Many thanks for your revised 2nd edition,...we treasure it. You have made a fine contribution to our work and our culture. Hope this book will light a lot of fires and keep them glowing."
Charlotte Schuchardt Read, Alfred Korzybski's confidential secretary and literary executor, and Allen Walker Read, lexicographer and general-semantics scholar

"An outstanding work, takes a complex subject and makes it simple and approachable."
Michael J. Gelb, author of 
How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci: Seven Steps to Genius Everyday Science

"Science > Knowledge > Living > Joy: This can be yours from what you learn by reading this book..."
Robert R. Potter, Ed.D., author of Making Sense: Exploring Semantics and Critical Thinking

" Using the methods in this book can cure racism, sexism and similar dangerous follies quicker than any other educational technique."
Robert Anton Wilson, futurist, author of Schrodinger's Cat and Quantum Psychology

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New Preface to the Third Edition    Foreword by Albert Ellis, Ph.D. .Table of Contents.....Ch. 1 Introductions....Glossary.  Index

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