TA don't support.......The biggest taxpayers

The following extract, after politely and persistently asking Tax Payers Alliance to support the biggest UK tax payers there are...............drivers, says it all about TA then.

More interested in seeing themselves quoted in the media than actually supporting legitimate tax payer protest action it seems. 

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From: Matthew Sinclair

To: Keith Peat

Sent: Wednesday, January 05, 2011 2:01 PM

Subject: RE: Drivers protest weekend 7th Jan


If this is how you behave when someone declines to take part, I want nothing to do with you or your protest.  Please stop e-mailing me.



Ok, So be it, but I don't see that explaining why you are wrong is bad behaviour. It is just that you don't like it Matt and that is something different isn't it?

 I will file and publish that response as an example of TA's attitude to the biggest tax payer then.

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