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We Challenge AA

The AA are on the speed awareness course Band Wagon in the name of AA Drive Tech Ltd
. We challenge them to explain:

1) how exceeding a number causes accidents?

2) What is the road safety and driving expertise of the instructors?

3) What is the profit from each student?

4) Why don't the AA do it for free if it is to save lives?

5) Speed cameras only measure speed but cannot see too fast or any other accident causes. Do they tell their students?

6) Do they tell their students that speeding causes nothing?

7)Do they explain that most speeding is caused by road layout or limits inexpertly set too low? 

8) Why are these courses limited to safe drivers, who ACPO Ltd say 'have merely made a mistake' and not the extreme deliberate cases?

9) Are the courses legal in that either an offence is disclosed and should proceed or it's not?

10) What statute allows police forces to ignore offences on payment?

We will be interested in AA's reply to all these questions?