Road safety Decade


 I am an ex traffic patrol officer and dedicated to true, non altruistic road safety without the unnecessary over-slowing of road transport, or the prosecution of perfectly safe drivers.

 We are volunteers. We identify the frauds of the Road Safety Industry and the many billions of pounds that do not stop one single accident.

 We are against profitable road safety. We are very outspoken.

 As volunteers we have very limited resources but I am happy to support your scheme and recommend it if you are also against the profit in road safety which should be either altruistic or at reasonable cost.

Given that UK casualties are, on average, 120 times less than the rest of the World, 2 and 300 times in some cases, can you be sure that your aims will not be used as an excuse to further impose sanctions and fiscal burdens on the already over-regulated UK driver? 
We are also concerned that too many spokespersons, purporting to be expert or an authority, are simply not qualified or have an appropriate CV to be expressing views on this important life and death issue; many of whom have an easily identifiable vested interest.
If you agree with such principles, then we will be more than happy to promote your cause.
Best wishes
Keith Peat (Founder D.P.U)

Note: RACFoundation
 have already made this a UK issue in their latest report. That didn't take long.