Police Witness.com penalise drivers for profit

More road safety so long as there's a few bob in it. With great fanfare the Daily Mail
ran a great spread about a new pious initiative to empower people to spy on others; all in the name of road safety and saving lives you understand. 

The idea, by an outfit called PoliceWitness.com, calls on every Tom Dick & Harry to spy on other people, including covertly, in case they may commit a driving offence on camera, and then report them, to the firm, with video evidence for whatever heinous crime may have been perceived. 

As we have exposed on another Ex Police officer jumping on the profitable Road Safety Bandwagon, the MD of this is no less than retired Assistant Chief Constable Alan Featherstone.
All very impressive. No doubt designed to bring respectability and credibility, as only ex ACPO Ltd members know how to do so well, for any profitable adventure. Err but what is his road safety and driving expertise to be dabbling in this life & death matter and also one which includes the distressful prosecution of perfectly safe drivers? According to the company profile, his history seems to have been police management. Is he a police advanced driver? Was he in traffic? Accident investigation? What exactly was his police specialty other than management?

Their Chief Exec. Matthew Stockdale
 is pure management through and through whilst their Gen.Manager Kerry Lewis
is a career business woman whose major aim was to run her own company. In neither of these is there any association with road driving expertise or road safety. 

In reply to my concern that these people would mostly be filming ordinary people not doing anything wrong and that there clearly would be an intrusion of privacy which they could legitimately stop happening, Matt let out, on BBC Radio WM, that 'most of the time they wouldn't know they were being filmed.' That is covert filming then?

From the hostile anti driver post we get, the last thing we need is hundreds of illogical, anti driver, Lycra anoraks running around with cameras stuck to their hats. Is PoliceWitness.com going to vet these people before it accepts their input? 

But why do we need an inexpert company to handle this when we should take evidence like this direct to the police? Err perhaps it may be to do with the fact that one of the things this company supplies is a 'proper' camera to do it with at £149 a pop!

So now we are going to challenge all police chiefs to denounce this profitable spying; a microcosm of all that is wrong about the Road Safety Industry.