DfT minister says vested interest only?

It's Official. Only amateurs, profiteers and charities can advise MPs on life & death road safety issues!

In response to my questions, Mike Penning, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the DfT writes:

"There is very little that I can add to my numerous pervious (sic) responses to Mr Peat on this subject.

As I have mentioned before, The Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport safety (PACTS) to which Mr Peat refers is a registered charity and an associate Parliamentary Group. Its charitable objective is "to protect human life through the promotion of transport safety for the public benefit". Its aim is to advise and inform members of the House of Commons and of the House of Lords on air, rail and road safety issues........."

So there it is. The DfT its ministers and mandarins- you know the department that constructed the costly railway fiasco with faulty maths & stats- say that being a charity, & having vested interests with no expertise, is ideal to advise Parliament on a life and death issue and prosecutions too.

Mike Penning.
Robert Gifford, past CEO of PACTS, is no driving or road safety expert or prosecuter, and yet this ex Teacher's Union official, is somehow a parliamentary special advisor on road safety & prosecutions for example.