Prince Michael of Kent

A while back Drive East Midlands posed the question: Prince Michael's Awards Innocent? They were concerned that the Prince was innocently patronising profiting at the expense of true road safety and in particular, the highly political question of prosecution of perfectly safe drivers, their loss of livelihood, even their marriages and homes, on the basis of very questionable policy and indeed profit.

They also, legitimately to our mind, asked why should a very lucrative industry-let's face it none, including so called 'road safety' partnerships, are doing it altruistically or for purely humane reasons- be patronised and awarded by royalty at all; especially if, by false and flawed road safety, people die or are injured as a consequence? They contacted the Prince's offices to make sure that the Prince understood all this. See the item here.

Naturally we find it very disturbing that public figures, especially the members of the Royal Family, should involve themselves at all in what is a very specialised matter and indeed people, like The Prince, who are not expert, naively interfering in road safety at all.

The Prince is Patron of the Prince Michael International Road Safety Awards scheme.
This, as it implies, takes him all over the Globe in what, to outsiders, would seem a highly laudable cause. But how can that be when the Industry, pious as they are, take £billions from any economy, is not at all altruistic and causes so much unnecessary misery to drivers? Most of this cost stops not one single accident either.

The connection with road safety profiting and the Prince is open and direct.

Speed Check Services manufacture speed cameras. Now we have already proved that 1) Speeding can't cause accidents. 2) Such cameras cannot see any accident causes & 3) The limits are arbitrary and unscientific anyway. In short all these cameras largely do is get perfectly safe drivers prosecuted and miss genuine road safety altogether at great cost.

Here is the Prince with no less than the speed camera manufacturers Speed Check Services (Now part of Vysionics)
Who actually sponsored one of Prince Michael's expensive functions.

By the way, if you want to know what a lot of your police chiefs and road safety partnership officials get up to, then part of it is being away, all expenses hotels etc paid by us, on one of Prince Michael's feasts of self congratulation. The Industry awarding itself in effect!

Please do read about Vysionics.
Then ask why royalty is patronising the profitable prosecutors of perfectly safe drivers?

Note: SCS also sponsor BRAKE who also interfere in road safety matters but are not clear about their role. Are they for road safety or 'lower emissions and getting people from their cars'? What they certainly are is another 'charity' that spouts nonsense road safety.  It's not that SCS have a vested interest in spreading their money around like this you understand; and of course being tax deductible doesn't even come into it either.