The DfT & the honours system

It is one of our aims to take amateurs and vested interests out of road safety. One of our maxims is that we will never have good road safety based on ideology or profit. But when we allow The Butcher, Baker & Candlestick Maker to advise government and officials, the door is then flung open for all kinds of charlatans, profiteers and ideologists. See our pages at The vested interests & Charity money

We wrote to the Cabinet Honours Office to alert them to the problem and that unqualified road safety campaigners, with other agendas and who call for the curtailing of major infrastructure, as well as the prosecution of many perfectly safe drivers, whilst Limited Companies are profiteering from these activities, were being honoured by the Queen. Surely most unseemly.

As an example, we cited one of the latest, Rod King MBE. Founder of 20s Plenty For Us who actually accepts donations via Visa and refused to tell us who his main sponsors are or how much he takes as reimbursement for his activities.

We offered our services to The Cabinet Office to ensure that only properly qualified road safety commentators, without vested interests, are taken seriously for honours purposes. We did that in the interests of best road safety.

Today we received an unsolicited letter from The Department For Transport, (see attached file) basically justifying Rod King's MBE and that it wouldn't be forfeit.

We had only offered our services to the Cabinet Office and cited Rod King as the latest example. We had never suggested that his MBE should be forfeit at all. 

So what does this tell us? Why did the Cabinet Office forward our comments to the DfT if they weren't involved in the MBE? Why did the DfT write to us unsolicited and be so defensive about the award? We can only conclude that the DfT is behind these awards for vested interest unqualified road safety. Is there another explanation why they should be interested in our offer to The Cabinet Office to curtail awards to such as Rod King? We would like to hear it.

The plot thickens on road safety awards.
Keith Peat,
12 Feb 2014, 11:03