Letter to Telegraph on amateur road safety.

In an article about proposed 80 MPH speed limits on motorways you used Edmund King of the AA for his views on the safety & desirability of the higher limits. 
Edmund KIng
Can I ask that, whilst I know he fixes cars, sells insurance and bicycles and fixes plumbing, that makes him a driving and road safety expert how exactly?
Why is it that, unlike all other dangerous life and death pursuits, we defer to experts yet in the life and death matter of road safety we do not defer to experts at all but to any Tom Dick and Harry, including politicians, officials and indeed most police officers? This is extremely worrying because it leads to vested interested profiteers having a major say in road safety and prosecution of drivers and a multi billion pound Road Safety Industry much of which expenditure stops not one single accident.
I am an ex class 1 advanced police driver and motorcyclist. I have dealt with the accidents, prosecuted them and sadly provided the flawed statistics on which most of our flawed road safety is based. Before that, I was a fully indentured and time served motor engineer. I think that is a very appropriate CV to comment on this crucial subject.
Please feel free to ask for expert comment if you require the best response on matters road safety and driving.
Keith Peat.