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Driver Rehabilitation Services: To help the cognitively at-risk driver ...

For individuals and families in the metropolitan New York, Psychologist and Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist, Rosamond Gianutsos, PhD, CDRS, offers clinical evaluations of cognitively at-risk drivers. These procedures are to help them make rational decisions about their driving and safe mobility.

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Elemental Driving Simulator

For Driver Rehabilitation Specialists who seek a tool to evaluate cognitively at-risk individuals, DriveRehab LLC offers the Elemental Driving Simulator for Windows.

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About Dr. Gianutsos (publications, cv)

Contact Dr. Gianutsos by e-mail at or call 718 457-7483 ("HLP SITE") in the early morning (7:30 AM Eastern US time). If you leave a message, indicate where you may be reached in the evening. If your call is not returned in 24 hours, please call again.

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