Desktop and Laptop Repair
We provide services for repairing computer software as well as hardware.  Some of the most common repair involve fan replacement, mother board replacement, RAM memory upgrade, hard drive upgrade, and more...

Malware removal
PC (and Mac, contrary to common beliefs) often get exposed to Malware and Viruses while connected to the internet.  We have the right tools to remove any intrusion and get your system back to working.

Software Installation (or Uninstall)
We provide costumers with a wide range of software options to get their systems working the way they should.  
**Some software may be installed at an extra fee if licensing or serial key is required.

Performance Boost
Older PC & Mac start to slow down as time goes by.  There is a reason for that.  Manufacture companies purposely design machines to require upgrades after some usage time.  We have the necessary trick to beat the system! 

Laptop Broken Screen
This is our number one LAPTOP issue. Oops! I sat on my computer!  Not to worry! We can fix it!

Data Transfer
Buying a new computer and want to keep all the data from your old system? We have the right tools so you don't have to miss any information, files, or programs installed in your previous machine.

LAN Network Setup :: Wireless Setup
Family or home networking could be both AWESOME or VERY FRUSTRATING.  Make sure you are getting the best possible service you can get from your ISP (Internet Service Provider), and make sure you have the right configuration for your home networking. Unsure? We can do it for you! 

When it comes to "repairing a PC", one of the main ideas we need to keep in mind is: is it really worth repairing? or should I move forward with the technology world and get a new system.

Even though there is always ways to get your more-than-ten year old system working good, you might want to consider limiting the life of your PC to no longer than 8-10 years.

If you are going to jump to the market to find a new system, we can provide you with the specs that are right for you.  However, if your desire is to put yourself on "autopilot", we can purchase the system for you and we "customize" the new machine for you FREE OF CHARGE to get it working and doing as you desire.

OS Upgrade (Getting Windows 10)
The latest and greatest is not always your best bet when it comes to computers.  Microsoft and Apple (also Linux) design OS (Operating Systems) to handle the constant demand of new technologies. Sometimes, depending on the year of manufacture, machines do not handle NEW as well as they do their OS they were designed for.  We can tell you what your best option is.