School and Conference on Driven Quantum Systems @ IACS, Kolkata

School Week: February 12-17, 2018

The school will provide a broad introduction to the field of driven quantum systems. Some of the topics we plan to cover are: 

1) Dynamics of systems driven out of equilibrium 
2) Eigenstate thermalization hypothesis and canonical typicality
3) Floquet engineering of novel states
4) Many-body localization 
5) Formalisms for open quantum systems 

Invited School Lecturers

1. Abhishek Dhar, International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Bangalore, India
2. André Eckardt, Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems, Dresden, Germany
3. Roderich Moessner, Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems, Dresden, Germany
4. Anatoli Polkovnikov, Boston University, USA
5. Diptiman Sen, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India
6. Rajdeep Sensarma, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Bombay, India

Conference: February 19-21, 2018

This conference will provide an opportunity to discuss recent developments in the field.

Invited Conference Speakers

1. Amit Dutta, IIT Kanpur, India
2. Subroto Mukerjee, IISc Bangalore, India
3. Sreejith G H, IISER Pune, India
4. Sumilan Banerjee, IISc Bangalore, India
5. Soumya Bera, IIT Bombay, India
6. Rajeev Singh, IIT (BHU), Varanasi, India
7. Sthitadhi Roy, Oxford University, UK
8. Subinay Dasgupta, University of Calcutta, India
9. Manas Kulkarni, ICTS Bangalore, India
10. Umakant Rapol, IISER Pune, India
11. Sei Suzuki, Saitama Medical University, Japan
12. Debasish Banerjee, DESY, Zeuthen, Germany
13. Arijit Kundu, IIT Kanpur, India
14. Arti Garg, SINP Kolkata, India
15. Subhro Bhattacharjee, ICTS Bangalore, India
16. Shamik Gupta, RKMVU, Belur Math, India
17. Sumathi Rao, HRI, Allahabad, India


C.V. Raman Lecture Hall
Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science,
2A & 2B Raja S C Mullick Road,
 Kolkata 700032, INDIA.

The target audience we hope to reach is at the level of advanced graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, and the selected students and postdocs are also encouraged to stay over for the following 3-day conference.  

Please encourage interested students and postdoctoral fellows to apply for the school and conference by writing at <> with their CV (with list of publications) and the name and email id of their supervisor in case a recommendation letter is needed. While applying, they should specify whether they would like to stay for the school week only or for the full duration of this program.

We regret our inability to provide the selected students and postdocs with accommodation and/or travel support due to budgetary constraints.

The last date for applying is 25th December, 2017.

Organizing Committee

1. Arnab Das, IACS Kolkata
2. Arnab Sen, IACS Kolkata (Convener)
3. Krishnendu Sengupta, IACS Kolkata

Funding provided by the Max Planck Society, Germany for the Partner Group of MPIPKS, Dresden at IACS, Kolkata is gratefully acknowledged.

The schedule for the school and the conference can be found below

Contributed talks from junior participants

1. Ahana Chakrobarty, TIFR Mumbai
2. Paramita Dutta, IOP Bhubaneswar
3. Souvik Bandyopadhyay, IIT Kanpur
4. Satyaki Kar, IACS Kolkata
5. Archak Purkayastha, ICTS Bangalore
6. Supriyo Ghosh, SINP Kolkata
7. Anurag Banerjee, IISER Kolkata
8. Soumi Ghosh, IISc Bangalore
9. Asmi Haldar, IACS Kolkata
10. Bhaskar Mukherjee, IACS Kolkata
11. Roopayan Ghosh, IACS Kolkata
12. Sourav Nandy, IACS Kolkata