Video Editing Resources

NOTE: ALWAYS cite all of your sources!
A few video options for creating and editing videos are listed below.  Please feel free to use other alternatives.
  •  Windows Movie Maker. This program is available on the school computers and many PCs at home.  If you use this option, please save ALL of your photos, video segments, sound, etc., along with the video project ON A THUMB DRIVE.  Emailing projects from school to home has proven problematic in the past because the images and sounds for a project are not sent with the project itself.  Saving all content on a thumb drive for transfer should alleviate this issue.  Do not rely on saving the project on school computers.  When publishing your project, be sure to transfer from the project form to a .mov file.
  • iMovie.  Use your own Mac for this option.
  • YouTube offers a video editing feature that allows users to combine and edit clips they have already uploaded.  This program may not work well for inclusion of still shots.
  • is a free, cloud-based video editor.  It looks pretty good, and offers mulitple publishing options!
  •  I have not tried Photo Bucket yet.
  • may be another good option for free, web-based video editing.
  • VidCaster is a new service designed to give you a place to build your own video website. At its most basic free level, VidCaster is a dressed-up background for your YouTube video uploads. You can connect your YouTube account to your VidCaster account to display all or some of the videos that you have uploaded to YouTube.
  • Yokto is a new service that allows you to collect videos from multiple sources and display them in one player on your website. As you might expect you can gather videos from YouTube, but you can also gather videos from sources like Vimeo, Blip, UStream, and Slideshare. The videos that you gather can be played through the Yokto video player embedded into your website.
    Yokto operates on a freemium business model. That means that the basic Yokto functions of gather videos and displaying them through the Yokto player is free, but there are additional options you can purchase. Some of the additional options are customizable video players and hosting of your own videos.
    Applications for Education
    Yokto could be a good way to organize educational videos that you find on the web. Build up a library of videos from multiple sources then allow students to watch them through your classroom website.
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  • may be an option.
Your final video will be uploaded online to share with the class.  Once your video is published in a movie file format (like .mov or .mp4), you can upload it online after creating an account with a free video service.  A few options include:
  • YouTube.  Speak with Mr. Macy in class to get access from school.
  •  This effective option is not blocked from school.
  • Other web-based movie programs may also provide uploading.
  • PLEASE, CHECK THE LINK TO YOUR VIDEO BEFORE EMAILING!  You are responsible for sending a functioning link.
    One option for recording your voice and computer screen to make a vodcast is at 
    Newer Mac computers also have a built in screen/audio recorder that can be found in Quicktime.
Advice for creating a personal introductory video:
Check out Sam's website creation instructional video: 
Site for making a cool word jumble:

Websites for sound:


Downloading and manipulating video segments from the Internet:



 You may think about using Video DownloadHelper, a Firefox Add-On (find it on Google) to directly download YouTube videos to your computer. 

Example videos are shown below.  Please keep in mind that these projects may or may not meet the guidelines for your specific piece.

Video Editing - Online


Youtube Editor

Animoto - first 30 seconds free

Onetruemedia - first 30 seconds free

Educreations- Ipad Whiteboard Video Capture

Jaycut - Under development - recently bought by Blackberry

Website Builders




Google Sites

Presentations / Slideshows

Photopeach - Slideshows

Glogster - Scrapbook

Prezi - 3D PowerPoint

Photobucket - Slideshows

Search Engines

Instagrok - Relationship based searches with visualization tools and related concepts

Duckduckgo - ad free searching

Citations (MLA, APA, etc.)

Citation Machine

Easy Bib