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Unit 7: Multiple Literacies through Web 2.0

Research Paper: Publishing and Multiple Literacies


After completing your research paper, use mastery of multiple literacies, technology, and Web 2.0 to publish your paper online so that it can be accessed by a variety of audiences around the world.


You may choose how to do this.  Creating a professional website or page would probably be a good option, and you are welcome to collaborate in presenting multiple papers on a single site.  Many free, high-quality options exist for publishing on the Web.  Google Sites (use your personal account or your Jeffco account--you have one!), Wix, Weebly, and WordPress are a few good ones.  If you're an expert, share your knowledge.  If you need help, ask the experts.


Please be sure to include separate access points to the abstract and complete paper so that viewers can read the abstract before deciding whether or not the complete paper is relevant.  Content should be presented so that users first access the abstract and then move to the full text.  In other words, the full text should be linked on the abstract page.


Remember, this piece represents part of your digital presence that may be accessed by employers, admissions, and others who research you.  This in mind, make sure the presentation is professional and of high quality.


Please include a two-three sentence byline describing who you are and the context in which you wrote the paper.


In addition to the paper and abstract, please create and share (online, with your paper and abstract) an original multimedia component that introduces your paper. Options include but are not limited to:

  • Video
  • Music video
  • Recorded lecture
  • Vodcast
  • Trailer
  • Interactive web content
Please propose and confirm your idea to Macy/Corbo before beginning.  Your multimedia piece must highlight your thesis (with main ideas) and remain true to the argument type (if your paper is a focused argument, the multimedia piece should be a focused argument, etc.).
Mr. Macy has drafted an example of a professional digital presence/portfolio at www.wix.com/travismacy/travismacy .

Begin creating your positive digital presence by creating a personal website with a page dedicated to your writing and projects (and future projects as you move through college or life?). This, of course, must be an individual project.

  • Use a site creator like Google Sites, Wordpress, Wix, or Weebly.
  • Design a space that functionally and visually works with your argument. Be creative! Please do not create a colorless, uninteresting space, but on the other hand, do not make it too busy or distracting. Think simple, clear, and effective.

Your site will need (at a minimum):

  • A place for your introductory video which will explain your rationale for your research/argument, and show your passion for your topic.
  • A space for your (and others?) abstract.
  • A way to access your paper either by embedding a link or adding a separate page link that your paper is accessible and readable on.
  • Any related photos, charts, or graphs you came across in your research? (Cite them on the site!)

Create an introductory video/multimedia piece which will explain your rationale for your research/argument (why it is important to you and others), and show your passion for your topic. Think pathos appeal and maybe one powerful logos moment (example) to share.

  • Use a video creation software like imovie or wevideo, or music video, recorded lecture, vodcast, trailer,or Interactive web content of some sort or any other you know about and can use efficiently. See your instructor for help here.
  • Write a brief script to help your presentation be smooth and clear. Please no goofy “funny” videos! Remember we’re trying to create a serious, POSITIVE web presence here!
  • Upload the video on your site, and be sure it works.


Summative Assessments:

Technology Standard

___/10             ___/10

Multiple Intelligences Standard (Artistic/Spatial/Musical/Interpersonal)

___/10             ___/10


Overall Quality and Content (Summative Assessments)

___/30             ___/30             Web 2.0 presentation of abstract, paper, byline.  Should be thorough, professional, and inclusive of abstract that links to                                                 paper.  Must include citations/links to all sources

___/30             ___/30             Original multimedia component that introduces and/or summarizes your paper.  Must include citations/links to all sources.

         *Please be sure to accurately site (using active links) ALL sources (photos, videos, etc.) you use in creating your website and multimedia piece.  Up to 10 points in each of the two categories above may be subtracted for lack of citation.  You may include a particular page dedicated to citations, include a citation section/page/slide in your multimedia piece, and/or link images on your web page to the original source as a mode of citation.

Please be ready to present this for the class.  To turn in your project, email a working link to your teacher and print and fill out the rubric, above.
Tyler Woolsey, Evan Dyba, Francesco Bergamo, Gavin Scharig: www.wix.com/francescobergamo4/wdbs-foundation
Scott Moranetz: wix.com/moranetzscott/squid 
Katie Larson: www.katelarson.weebly.com 
Stephanie, Laura, and Kelsey: http://www.wix.com/stephanielownds/kgsl
Josh, Quinn, Reilly, Braden: https://sites.google.com/site/bradenolson/ 
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