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Unit 8: "That's So Dramatic" with Wilde's "The Importance of Being Earnest"

Satire Project
In the spirit of Wilde's classic play, create a satirical piece of your own.  Your work will be presented in a finalized, edited script with lines and stage directions (think IBE format) that is shared in video form online.  As always, use our video editing page as a resource and include a Works Cited in your film with all urls used.  Working in a group of 1-3 students, create a satire that:
  • Pokes fun at three or more institutions/customs/beliefs over the course of approximately five minutes
  • Includes farce
  • Uses humor
  • Utilizes double entendre
  • Includes irony and/or dramatic irony
  • Offers artful language of some sort (metaphor, simile, play on words, allusion, symbolism, imagery, etc.)
A few possibilities include:
  • Newscast
  • SNL/Monty Python skit
  • Animation
  • Images/music/voice over
  • Play
  • Other?
Creationary phases:
  1. Story board/outline (identify all elements required, as above)
  2. Script--lines and directions
  3. Filming
  4. Production
  5. Share

**Please use drop boxes on Schoology to turn in your Story Board/Outline, Script, and Film (post online and turn in working link)

___/10 ___/10    Story board/outline
___/10 ___/10    Script draft
___/10 ___/10    Works Cited included
___/10 ___/10    Turned in on time (print script, include all drafts, post video online)
Summative Assesments:
___/20 ___/20    Script is professional, of high quality, and inclusive of all required elements
___/20 ___/20    Video presents script in professional, catchy, high quality manner
___/4    ___/4    Satire of three institutions
___/3    ___/3    Farce/humor
___/4    ___/4    Double entendre, irony/dramatic irony/artful language
___/10 ___/10    Works Cited present in film (all URLs used)
Schoology.com will provide the forum for our communication; you'll need an account there.
To join our class on Schoology use Access Code VPXKQ-P7J3T
1. Jeffco CAP Document (attached below): what are the 5-7 most important items?
2. What does Schoology do, and how should we use it?
3. How will we read the text?
4. How will we annotate the text?
5. What resources will we use to enhance our understanding of the text?
6. How will we show the world what we know about the text?
7. How will students be assessed?
8. How will the teacher's effectiveness be assessed?
9. How can we collaborate with others outside of our classroom? At our school? Internationally?
10. How will we we create and publish our own play?
11. What is our overall time frame, and what segments are involved in the process?
12. What does Schoology do, and how should we use it?
13. Would you like to recommend an alternative play?
14. What else would you like to add?

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