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Unit 7: Memoir Study through Dante's Inferno

Please see the class calendar (click on English 11) for reading and Literary Journal schedules.  Pay attention to adjustments for TCAP testing!
The Inferno Research Project
Please work in a group of four people to accomplish the following.
  • Investigate one of four assigned research topics.  Your goal is to present, as a group, the important background information on your topic required by the class to fully understand Dante's The Inferno.
  • Topics: Dante Alighieri, Epic Poetry, The Inferno, the Middle Ages
    • Dante Alighieri: Cameron, Andrew, Eric, Jusin
      • Key life events
      • Important works
      • Writing style
      • Lasting influence/place in history
    • Epic Poetry: Dominic and Skyler
      • Overview
      • Imporant examples throughout history
      • Features
      • Recommendations for reading and understanding
    • The Inferno: Zach, Andre, John, and Kyle
      • Background information
      • Structure
      • Key symbols
      • Plot overview
    • The Middle Ages: Katherine, Ellen, Ashley, Shannon
      • Overview
      • Key historical events
      • Literary works from the period
      • Significance of The Inferno as related to the period
  • Use and cite (MLA Works Cited on a separate slide) at least four legitimate sources.  One must be a book and one must come from a research database (database list under Writing Resources in Online Resources for Students; download the document).
  • Present at least four slides of information.  Each group member must present at least one slide.
  • Recommendation: use PowerPoint on Google Docs or Prezi to create a presentation that can be edited by everyone simultaneously.  This will save time.
  • Your presentation should include a cover slide with names and title, at least four information slides, and a Works Cited (full MLA).
  • We will work through this process and then read The Inferno.  The goal of the project is to gain a solid understanding of the text, author, style, and context before reading.
Rubric: The Inferno Research Project and Presentation
___/5    ___/5    Intro slide with names, topic, and compelling image(s)
___/5    ___/5    Slide/topic 1: thorough content, creative, talking points (not paragraphs), compelling image(s)
___/5    ___/5    Slide/topic 2: thorough content, creative, talking points (not paragraphs), compelling image(s)
___/5    ___/5    Slide/topic 3: thorough content, creative, talking points (not paragraphs), compelling image(s)
___/5    ___/5    Slide/topic 4: thorough content, creative, talking points (not paragraphs), compelling image(s)
___/5    ___/5    Teamwork throughout process, including each team member presenting at least one topic
___/10    ___/10    Presentation: professionalism, articulation, overall impression, fielding of questions, preparedness, delivery, etc.
___/10    ___/10    Works Cited (ALL sources, correct source types according to assignment, MLA format, etc.)
___/50    ___/50    Total score for Summative Assessments
___/10    ___/10    Multiple Intelligences: Verbal-Linguistic score for presentation.
*Each group member may not receive the same score if contributions are not equal.
Complete literary journals, reading assignments, and class discussions as defined by the course calendar (click on English 11).

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