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Unit 1: Essays and Their Thought Journeys through Myths and Archetypes

Literary Unit: Driven Learning and Teaching in a Flat, Flipped, Mastery-Based Classroom

Autonomy.  Mastery.  Purpose.  Technology.  Differentiation.  Choice.  R.O.W.E.

Teacher as Facilitator in a Flat Classroom.

Instructional model created by Travis Macy and Chris Corbo based on Jeffco Cornerstone Genre Studies, Daniel H. Pink’s Drive: The Surprising Truth Behind What Motivates Us, the Flipped/Mastery Classroom model of Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams (http://mast.unco.edu/programs/vodcasting/), and Philippe Ernewein’s Flatter Classroom (www.rememberit.org).  More information on student/teacher roles is available in Prensky’s Teaching Digital Natives: Partnering for Real Learning.

Roles of the driven 21st-century student:

·         Researcher

·         Technology user and expert

·         Thinker and sense maker

·         World changer

·         Self-teacher

Teacher’s roles as facilitator and partner:

·         Coach and guide

·         Goal setter and questioner

·         Learning designer

·         Context provider

·         Rigor provider and quality assurer


 Student       Teacher
____/4         ____/4          Vodcast:  Mythology Background Information
                                                        View, note, ask a question
____/4         ____/4          Vodcast:  "Genesis"
                                                        View, note, ask a question
____/4         ____/4          Vodcast:  Power of Conventions:  MLA Potpourri (Parts 1 and 2)
                                                        View, note, ask a question
____/4         ____/4          Vodcast:  Power of Conventions: Overview of the Revision Proces
                                                        View, note, ask a question
____/4         ____/4          Vodcast:  Power of Conventions:  Basic Quoting Rules
                                                        View, note, ask a question
____/4         ____/4          Vodcast:  Power of Conventions:  Basic Punctuation Rules
                                                        View, note, ask a question
 ___/5               ___/5               Check in with Mr. Macy to discuss your summer, this year, next year, and your passions in life.  Why?  I care about you as a person, not just an English student.  Hopefully, by getting to know you, I will be a more effective coach and guide--one who can incorporate what you care about in our work together.  We are partners in the eductional process, and, as such, we need to get to know each other.
____/25       ____/25         Literary Journal: Five Entries for Readings of Choice
____/3         ____/3           Read/Code "Genesis"
____/3         ____/3 
____/3         ____/3           Read/code "Genesis"
____/3         ____/3           Read/code "Scientists..." and "Another Version..."
____/3         ____/3           Read/code "The Quarrelsomeness..." and "Creator Makes..."
____/3         ____/3           Read/code "Lao Tzu..." and "The History of Creation..."
____/3         ____/3           Read/code "The Norse..." and "How the World..." 
___/20       Vocab 1 Test
___/20       Vocab 2 Test 
___/25       Myth Visual Concept Map (Poster)
___/60       Multigenre Creation Paper:  Written Component
___/60       Multigenre Creation Piece: Multigenre Component
Multigenre Essay Examples
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