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Guy Weekly and Cleo Danielson

Above: Top left: Guy Weekly and son Lee. Top right: Cleo, Lee and Guy. Bottom left: Guy and Lee. Bottom right: Guy Weekly with unknown individuals.

Guy Weekly was born in Gravel Ford, Oregon, on the 8th of December 1897. His parents were Robert Lee Weekly and Mariposa (Bright).  He was the sixth of ten children, and for part of his childhood he lived in Gravel Ford, near Myrtle Point, Oregon.  On the 24th of July 1908, when Guy was just nine years old, his mother died. Shortly thereafter, in September of 1908, his father purchased a home in Myrtle Point, on the corner of Sixth and Willow Streets, and moved his family to town.

Cleo Naomi Danielson was born in Coquille, Oregon on the 9th of November, 1904, daughter of John Ed Danielson and Marie Eliza Lewis.  Cleo was the second of seven children.  In 1916 her family moved to North Bend, OR.  By the 1920 Census, they were living at 2146 McPherson St, in North Bend.  John is said to have built the house, which is still standing.  John and Marie lived there until John passed away in 1949, and Marie died in 1954.

Guy and Cleo were married on the 19th of June 1924 in Coos County and had one child, Edward “Lee” Weekly.

In the 1930 Census, they were renting in North Bend, Oregon, at 2496 Broadway. Guy’s occupation: log truck driver.

An accident in the log truck Guy was driving ended Guy’s life on the 23rd of July 1932. (Click here to see obituary)  He was 34 years old.  His son, Lee, was 7 years old at the time. Guy is buried at Dora Cemetery, next to the graves of his parents and his brother Glen, who had passed away in 1927.

After his death, Cleo discarded her photos of Guy. Eventually, three photos, all taken the same day, surfaced, along with another one found a short time later.  Guy is also in a group photo from a family reunion photo taken about 1910, when he was 12.

In City Directories for 1936, 1938, and 1940, Cleo and her son, Lee, are listed as living at 2086 Meade in North Bend. This is one street over from McPherson Street, where Cleo’s parents lived.  Also living at 2086 Meade was Clarice Danielson, Cleo’s sister.  Clarice married William Hagge on 7 Feb 1942.

Lee talked about a time when he and his mom lived with relatives at the old Weekly homestead near Myrtle Point, although the exact time frame is unknown.

At some point after Guy’s death, Cleo worked in a factory, making wooden boxes. Cleo enjoyed crossword puzzles and cooking. She was a good cook.

On the 7th of June, 1943, Cleo married Zeno Bright.  Zeno was born 6 March 1895, the son of William and Sarah Bright.  Zeno was a first cousin of Guy Weekly (Guy’s mother was the sister of Zeno’s father).  Zeno and Cleo lived on a ranch on Weekly Creek Road, near Myrtle Point in Coos County, OR. 

Cleo contracted meningitis and suffered some brain damage in about 1959. She was never the same after that. In her old age she suffered a failed hip replacement (both hips) and was bedridden, although she was able to walk short distances with a walker. She still maintained her sunny disposition. Zeno cared for her for some time and later Cleo was moved to a nursing home.

Zeno Bright died 24th of Dec 1990 at 95 years of age, and Cleo died on the 23rd of May, 1992, at the age of 87. They are both buried at Norway Cemetery, Coos County, Oregon.

As of 2009 the barns that Zeno built were still standing, but the barns were practically covered in blackberry bushes. The house was demolished and replaced. 

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