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Da-ad - Can I drive the car?
You're not driving my car - it's too big for you. Anyway, the insurance cost is horrendous!
No, not your car, Dad.         the-car!
What are you talking about?
Well Dave is learning on a 2litre CRDi iX 35 Hyundai!
I've seen him driving about in it. Real class!
2 Litre! Mine is only 1.8! You need to learn on a little 1.2 Ford like I did. 'Til you grow up.
But Dad, if I learn on a big car I'll have to learn to handle it carefully, and I'll realise how gentle you have to be with the gas pedal. I'll be able to drive yours straight away then. Neil says so.
Who's Neil?
He's the instructor. He got a pilot's licence when he was 17. He's taught in little cars and bigger ones. Now he's gone top of the range.
He taught his son to drive. Passed first time with only two faults. He says bigger cars are easier to drive. Isn't that why you got yours?
I suppose it is - partly anyway. But a car like that must cost the earth to learn in!
No, same as the other big names like AA and Bill Plant. I've checked it out.
Well, let's give it a whirl. Can I try it out too?
You'll have to ask me nicely .........
He says you can watch from the back seat sometimes if you keep absolutely quiet, to see how I'm doing ....
Mum - I want to drive the car!
Don't be silly, darling. You're only 14!
Yeh but if a car's got dual controls it can be insured to teach on private land from 14-16.
My car hasn't got dual controls.
Not your car, silly        -         the-car!
Haven't you seen it driving around Pudsey?
The'yre starting a club at school to help kids develop the right attitudes so that they can be safe drivers for life. Everyone wants to do it.
We learn how to move it about, and park it, and keep a good lookout, and how to look after it.
They even teach map reading and how to use a GPS, and all the things that cause accidents. They teach you right attitude. It will save you money when I start proper driving lessons!
What car is it - a nice little Ka?
A big red shiny 2 litre Hyundai diesel SUV.
A what !! ....... 2 litre !!!! ????
You know Auntie Anne says her 4x4 is much easier to drive than her last car. Power steering and parking sensors and decent mirrors. And much higher off the ground - better view!
Auntie Anne - Hmmmm .... Will you show me how to park mine properly if I let you learn now?
Oooh Mum. I knew you'd agree .....
 Maybe they'd help you check out your driving too, so's you don't teach me a bad example ...
You did say you couldn't pass a driving test now ....
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