Drink Wheel and Drunk Driving Accidents Project
for Driver's Education Classes

Project Steps

1.  Your completed assignment will contain the following: 

  • 5 drink wheel scenarios and blood alcohol concentration results
  • 5 summaries of recent news articles 
  • 5 statistics.
3.  Click on Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 on the left hand side of this page for directions and links for each part of the project.

Project Mastery Objectives

Mastery Objectives -- You will be able to

  • Create scenarios regarding drinking and blood alcohol levels and test your scenarios through a software program.
  • Find, summarize and analyze local news stories involving drunk driving accidents by searching reliable and credible websites and online databases.
  • Gather statistics on drunk driving accidents and deaths from a variety of credible information sources.

Class Itinerary:

o   Do Now and Discussion of Drinking and Driving

o   Introduction of project and steps

o   Create and analyze Drink Wheel scenarios

o   Find local drunk driving articles

o   Explore statistics related to impaired driving

o   Summarizer

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