The Drinklings 

"Puke it out now, tart it up later" 


Doug is working on a yet unnamed novel about three brothers, paternal betrayal,  and hyperborean self exile.  He is also frightened of Abby's eveal, fruet of the deveal photo.

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Abby is assailed regularly by a gaggle of banana slugs as she writes, which only makes her work harder, faster and with more salt.

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 Jason finds the above photo of Abby to be terrifying. It twists and haunts his dreams with dark Lovecraftian rhythms. It dwells in the big top tent of a horror that can not be named.

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 Sakina is quite talented as a writer, which makes her doubly impressive, as she is also the Invisible Woman.

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11/22/2007 by Doug

Welcome one and welcome all, or should I say welcome all, welcome one?  This is the website for the Seattle-based writing group, The Drinklings.  We meet every week or so at the Pub at Third Place to write, read from our current projects, and drink a few beers.  Our name comes from The Inklings, a British writing group from that include J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, and Charles Williams, among others.

The authors featured here are notable for the following accomplishments:

Jason redefined the phrase science fiction.  The new definition of science fiction is... anything that Jason writes.    Gritty, hard-boiled novel about a 1930's detective?  If written by Jason, it is science fiction.  Jason only writes science fiction.

Abby is the second best Scrabble player in the world.  Well, at least she is the second best Scrabble player every time play her in Scrabble.

Sakina's real identity is a mystery, even to those in The Drinklings.  Due to her illustrious journalism career, I suspect this has something to do with Nigerian yellowcake.

I (Doug) ingested some sort of bug that had infested my raw oysters at lunch.  The waiter assured me that they would do no harm. 

I was also published in Six Sentences today!  

Well, I started drinking a beer at the beginning of this message and just realized that it registers at 20% alcohol (Dogfish Head World Wide Stout), so I am going to stop writing now.

-- Cheers, Doug


11/4/07 by Jason

Happy Sunday fellow Drinklings. I write, not to chat, nor even to once again congratulate Papa Doug (though congratulations again while I'm here), but to warn you. That's right - to warn you. Since Doug is about to be published at 6 sentences, with Abby and I following right behind, we're going to start getting some visitors to this little website of ours. That's right...OUTSIDERS. And they will be reading our work.

So I have 2 points:

a) Make sure that your work is accessible and readable! Give 'em something to see and love! Don't dissapoint the public!

2) Don't let them read anything you want to publish anywhere else. That means books, short stories you might send to a magazine, anything like that. Technically, publishing things here counts as publishing, so later, more official publishers may be less likely to accept a story you've written if it's already been available on this site.

To that end, I'll be taking down my "novella" link. However, I'm going to leave the dead-end up, and I'll also leave it as an "unpublished" google-pages site. That means that you 3 guys can easily read it by logging in to the site, but that no one else can. I'd suggest you do the same for anything that might be precious to you.

And with that, I'm out.

-- Jason




10/30/07 by Abby

Are You Submissive?

Good evening Dingalings--err--Drinklings,

Thanks to Jason and the Six Sentences exercise, I'm starting to collect links to other (low-key) sites to which we can submit our work. Whether or not pieces are accepted, the process of refining for a broader audience and connecting with other writers is a motivating one. I am hoping it will inspire me to actually finish work.

If you are interested, find those links here:

Sites for Submission

I will add to this page as I find more links; please do the same.

Word? Word.


p.s. Jason, I didn't mean to delete your first posting. I tried to recover it and keep it underneath, but it would not undo.


 Abby dear, think nothing of it. 'Twas but a triffling thing besides.